NAME: Smart home
DATE: 2013/2015
Images courtesy: Robert Bosch GmbH
CLIENT: Bosch smart home​​​​​​​
Role: Industrial design lead
TEAM:  UI support team for the app
FAITH:  LAunched in 2016

This project was a very important milestone for Bosch since it was a new portfolio of a new division that was spearheading the IoT for consumer movement. The product family consisted of a controller, thermostat, smart plug and a door sensor.
Due to short time to market and extreme cost sensitivity, it was a huge challenge to find a suitable design. I tried to create a simple and quite design language that could blend into any environment. The white interaction front was combined with a light element to focus the UI. The back housing was refined and painted metallic to stress the SMART technology.
​​​​​​​All hardware had to fit the existing inner architecture that was previously developed. Within these hard constrains, a design was created to stand out on the market as much as possible and retain BOSCH brand values.
Initial sketch
In the early beginning, without knowing what product line-up, size or technology will be used, sketches were made to set a tone for the design. This style was kept consistent during the further development.

Family style
As the 4 items are very different in proportion, a key visual language was used and patented to keep the family  together. A detailed rulebook helped with implementation of the design on future products (smoke detector, indoor camera)
​​​​​​​Detailing ​​​​​​​
I believe you can judge a product by its backside. 
The smart home products are not cheap, but nothing screams more design on a budget then an ugly back. I tried to see the product from all sides an not only from the front to show this is well thought out and trustworthy.