DATE: 2008
Images courtesy: Frogdesign
CLIENT: mediaflo
Role: Industrial design 
TEAM:  Ralph Bremenkamp & Paul Bradley as Design directors
FAITH:  WAS in production

FloTV was a dedicated personal TV that allows the users to view life television on the go. The PTV concept is highly popular in Japan and Korea. Qualcomm together with HTC wanted to enter the American market with a unique device that would reset the boundaries of mobile living. 
To fit a wide audience, the design language is specifically non-polarizing, so young and old can enjoy the same values and experiences. The integrated kickstand is part of the non-compromising concept.   
The FloTV was on sale in the US, it had 2 Super bowl commercials and has positive reviews on a lot of tech-websites. As development started a bit earlier as the release of the I phone, these devices became redundant over time. ​​​​​​​
Design freeze render
Design freeze render
Concept sketch
Concept sketch