DATE: 2010/2011
Images courtesy: Frogdesign​​​​​​​
CLIENT: Deltadore
Role: Industrial design (Lead design Ralph Bremenkamp)
FAITH:  in production
French home automation company Deltadore required a full restyling of their product line. Six products got selected to cover the full spectrum of the Deltadore portfolio. Together with a UI that was to be applied on their flagship product, the home controlling unit, we created a new and fresh approach that will help Deltadore to become a more renowned and recognized brand on the professional as well as the DIY market.
Using a more soft approach with very distinct line characteristics and bold but subtle material selection, a unique design was created. Changes in CMF and material quality allow them to play on 3 different market segments without too many part changes. This product language was launched in 2011.

The UI was created in close convergence with the product design. 
The small screen size appears to be bigger by using off-screen capacitive buttons that are displayed next to the screen. 
The programmer / thermostat is the main seller within the Deltadore brand. 
Simplicity, ease of use and gentle but intelligent curvature created the key characteristics. The segmented display was custom made to fit the new style. ​​​​​​
Off white with a warm contrasting colour made the new series blend in modern French households. If the customer wanted a more bold statement, a dark version was available.