NAME: Bullerjan Dot
DATE: 2010
Images courtesy: Frogdesign
CLIENT: bullerjan
Role: Industrial design lead
TEAM:  2 designers and design engineers
Awards:  IF design award
FAITH:  in production

It was an honour for me to redesign this icon. As a teenager I baby-sitted for a family who had the original stove in their house. I loved the radiant glow and comfort is spread through the house, it was a centre piece of there entire world and I wanted to capture those feelings in the new design.
The Canadian Bullerjan wood burning stove has been the standard for efficiency and warmth for more than 30 years. The simple but effective concept of bend pipes around the core is still the best working design on the market today. 
Energetec allowed Frogdesign to restyle their icon and make it more contemporary, fitting to modern houses. 
The end result stays within the nature of what the old stove was: bent pipes around a burning centre.  It is a tribute to the original but has a more dynamic and intense styling.
Genesis sketch ​​​​​​​
The Bullerjan principle is simple and beautiful, cold air enters the bottom of the fire cylinder, heats up and escapes from the bottom. This convection principle had to stay intact. Moderns trends were explored to bring this idea in the 21st century styling.​​​​​​​
Different patterns were created to find a balance needed to keep the chaos but also not complicate production. Different lengths of fireplaces were going to be produced with minimal changes.

It all looks random but most pieces are standard. By using a welding template production was very straight forward. Due to larger air volumes in the tubes, it performed above expectations.